Your First Visit

Your First Visit

We look forward to helping you resolve your hip and knee pain. Please contact us at (805) 497-7015 Ext 6425  for an appointment. We can obtain X-rays in the office and have a discussion with you about different management options. If you have already been seen by a different facility please obtain relevant imaging including X-Rays, CT scans, and MRIs and reports prior to the visit to facilitate an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. As part of our standard intake procedure we request patient fill out a new patient questionnaire. The form can be found here.

Maximize Your Time With Us

We value your time with us! To maximize your time during your appointment, we have put together our patient forms. Please print out the forms below and fill out to bring in to your first appointment. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

You Don't Have to live with
Hip or knee pain

Call us at:
(805) 497-7015 Ext. 6425